Never Ending Level Game walkthrough and hints - Part 7

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Level 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100 | 101-120 | 121-140 | 141-160

Level 121

Right Click on the path area, move the mouse out of the game screen, use the keyboard (up/down key) to select "Forward" in the menu. Repeat these steps until you see the button, go via the path very careful, click the button
Password: aMAZEing

Level 122

While the big "Play" display, right click and then select "Play" in the menu. A message will be flashed on the screen, use print screen to get the message (My friend said that this method don't work for IE)
Password: 3

Level 123

Type "T" (Press on "T"), click the keys which are same color as the squares, and then click the squares, you will find the password

Level 124

Move the invisible mouse carefully to the buttons. (I use alt-tab to cheat :-P)
Password: Emil

Level 125

There is invisible text in the upper textbox, try select the textbox and use ctrl-a to select the text, paste on notepad to get the password

Level 126

You need to play Level 1 to 10 in 10 seconds, if you fast enough, you will see the password in Level 11
Password: SPEED RACER!

Level 127

Zoom in and you will see "Back x 20". Right click and select "Back" in the menu, 20 times
Password: SPEED RACER!!

Level 128

Print screen, use a photo editor to change the background color, please note that the password of this level is included "(3 exclamation marks)" as part of password
Password: SPEED RACER!!! (3 exclamation marks)
ie. The whole sentence "SPEED RACER!!! (3 exclamation marks)"

Level 129

Move the mouse pointer on the red square, drag down, do it many times (30 times?), you can click on the key button and the red square then
Password: optical-illusion

Level 130

Print screen and paste to a photo editor, change the background color, you will find "+%@", type "+%@". Print screen and paste to a photo editor again. Type "987654321"

Level 131

Right click to the menu, deselect Play
Password: ==

Level 132

Password: ABCDEFG

Level 133

Click 10, 9. Right click, move the mouse pointer outside the game screen, select "Forward" in the menu using the keyboard. Click 8, 7. Right click, move the mouse pointer outside the game screen, select "Back" in the menu using the keyboard. Same idea, the point is move the mouse pointer outside the game screen, click 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and then any number at the left screen. Do the "Back" and "Forward" again, you will find the clue
Password: zero

Level 134

Right click, move the mouse pointer outside the game screen, use keyboard (up/down key) to select "Forward" in the menu. Press the right mouse button, move the mouse pointer inside the circle, release the right mouse button. Repeat these steps again (right click, select "Forward"..."), when there are 3 circles, use the one at the right hand side. Now if your speaker is off, turn it on
Password: my voice

Level 135

Click the door (need a lot of clicks), a monster come out, click on it. Right click and select "Play" for many times, you will see some letters of a sentence, and it is the hint of password (reverse of reverse)
Password: esrever

Level 136

Click "1" in Level 136. Click the ear of the captain. You will find the password. Right click and un-select "Play", you can enter the password
Password: hidden

Level 137

Decrypt the sentence by moving each letter backward, ie. u->t, i->h, f->e... You will get the clue, but the password is NOT "encrypted", but encrypted "encrypted" ^^
Password: fodszqufe

Level 138

The light blue rectangle at the bottom right sector can be moved, you will find the clue of the password there

Level 139

The password is already here ^^
Password: one of these 2 colour combos:

Level 140

Password: arrows

Level 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100 | 101-120 | 121-140 | 141-160


Anonymous said...

122 plz

Anonymous said...

124 if you right click you can use the menu to navigate your way around the maze PW= Emil

Anonymous said...

Stuck on 135.. its a door. A door?! Whaddi do?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

123 please

Anonymous said...

another one stuck on 123

Anonymous said...

how many clicks on level 135? doesn't work...

Flash Games said...

You really need a LOT of clicks on level 135 ^^

Anonymous said...

click on down and rewind all signs. you get the password in very small in the text box.

Anonymous said...


What a stupid fucking level.

Anonymous said...

122 is 3

Anonymous said...

help with 137 please, don't have a single clue

Anonymous said...

lvl 138 tryed everything

Anonymous said...

139 colour combi hhheeelllpppp please!

Anonymous said...

This is stupid. These aren't just hints this is cheating. If you're going to give the steps to get there you shouldn't give the password!

Anonymous said...

I understand the pw to 128 is SPEED RACER!!!, but it does not progress me to the next level...I get nothing. Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

um i dont get level 121 whats a photo editor?
i have no clue how to do it HELP!!!

Anonymous said...

Tip: Photo Editor can be everything from Photoshop to Paint.
And to lvl 121 the answer is 2^9 - 509 = your answer to lvl 121. =)

Anonymous said...

Level 128 is not working at all.
I enter "SPEED RACER!!!" as the password, but I don't get to go anywhere.

Also, If I Print Screen & paste into do I change the background colour??? I cannot figure that part out!!!

Thanks for all of your help!

amy said...

copy and paste this into the password box
including the stuff in braccets
SPEED RACER!!! (3 exclamation marks)
hope it helps

Anonymous said...

Level 129: nothing happens if I click on the key or the square. (yes I did remove the transparent orange thingy)

Rozzy200 said...

I'm a bit stuck on level 25,I've highlighted the tan box and got the password is COMBINATION but when I enter it nothing happens, any help?


Person Who Is Stuck On Level 131 !!!! x said...

Whats Level 131 ?????????????

I Cant Work It Out!!! Help, Pleeasseee!!!! x x x

Alex said...

I stuck on 131 2!!

Maraea said...

I cant get past 136 because i cant unselect play what do i do ...?

help please?

Maraea said...

I cant get past 136 because i cant unselect play what do i do ...?

help please?

No More The Monitor!!! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

First, it is all black behind the light blue rectangle in level 139. I can't see any clue behind it (which I knew there should be words "THE PASSWORD IS", then what should I do?

Second, I don't understand why is the password of level 140 "arrows".

Please anyone give me an answer =.=

Anonymous said...

sorry not level 139 but 138 =P

Anonymous said...

Please help! I can't get passed level 122!! its not working!

Anonymous said...

I found out why in 153 there is that password. When you came back into screen with diamonds, press Forward, then Play - message "Too far" appears. Press Back then print screen into photo editor and change background. I wonder if this helps.

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck on level 261.

Anonymous said...

I said "I'm stuck on level 261."

Anonymous said...


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