Adventure Games

A community-driven storytelling platform
Crystal Story II
A story of a young Dragon
House of Wolves
A tribute to Real-Time Strategy
Tesla: War Of Currents
Blast your way through!
Valthirian Arc 2
The best in the kingdom
You are Zos, an alchemist...
The Everloom
In an enchanted forest...
Cycle; New Day
The world cycles through each day
Slay a fiend!
Brave Rocky
Protect your kingdom from monster attacks!
Naya's Quest
Go to the edge of the world...
Min Hero - Tower of Sages
A monster battle RPG!
Warnet - Elixir of Youth
A medieval turn-based wargame!
Nelly 2: ep.1
Wonderful adventure of a little girl
Papa's Cupcakeria
Bake the best cupcakes in town!
Symbiosis Greenland
Power of plants against space invaders!
World's End Chapter 1
A darkly comedic turn-based strategy RPG
Command your very own army to battles
Battle mighty sea monsters for treasure!
The Last Door - Chapter 1
A free episodic horror game
Haven Prelude
Take command of your fleet of spaceships...
Kingdom of Liars 2
Point and click adventure...
Infiltrating the Airship
There are four different endings...
Ugly Americans
A point and click adventure game
A portal into our world!
Tower Up!
Build your tower to the skies!
Caribbean Admiral
Rebuild a powerful fleet!
Forest will soon be clearcut!
Star Squadrons
A space real-time strategy game
Pandora Epic Battles
Zelda-style rpg
Mars Colonies
Build and protect your own colonies
The King's League: Odyssey
Sign up for the league!
Galaxy Siege
Design, upgrade and captain your spaceship
Host Master Deux
A wacky snacky adventure-esque game
Starship Commander
Your task is to conquer the galaxy!
Treasure of the Abandoned City
A Space Pirate captain in his quest
Super Mechs
Design your Mech and fight against your friends
Resort Empire
Build your own resort!
The Grey Rainbow
Adventure entirely hand-drawn with coloured pencils
Hands of War 3
Unite the champions and discover the secrets of an ancient evil!
Mafia Stories
Become a real mafia don in a few minutes!
You play as an artist in 19th century Paris
A small talk
There is someone talking to you through a console...
Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Go on a huge turn-based RPG adventure...
The Sagittarian 4: Bayou
Floating down the river...
NYC Mafiosi
Cash, Power, Prestige, Liquor...
Dr Vile- The Greater Good
Dr. Vile mission in life: become #1
The astronaut John works on the moon...
Cool Story Bro
One cool story, bro.
Sumo Wrestling Tycoon
You have 50 days to train...
The Rose is Blooming
Survive after the end of the known world...
Hero's Arm
Defeat the evil Gordzak in his lair...
Final Fantasy Sonic X: Ep5
Meet all your anime and arcade heroes in this RPG fighting game!
Final Fantasy Sonic X: Ep4
Enjoy Final Fantasy Sonic X 4
Final Fantasy Sonic X: Ep3
Meet all your anime and arcade heroes...
Final Fantasy Sonic X: Ep2
Here it is! Final Fantasy Sonic X Episode 2!
Final Fantasy Sonic X: Ep1
Meet all your anime and arcade heroes!
Game Corp
Manage your Game Studio, earn big bucks!
Lucky Tower 2
The second installment in the Lucky Tower series!
Why Am I Dead
Play as your disembodied ghost...
Legend of the Void 2
Your journey through Calderia continues...
Dugan's Dungeon Lite ep.2
A professional dungeon exterminator
Hordes and Lords
Command hordes of armed soldiers!
Pocket Creature PVP
World of Pocket Creature...
Legend of Pandora
Save the world in this retro-fashioned Zelda-like adventure
Monster Saga
Ovest is under attack by wild monsters!
Time for Takeover has come!
Pocket Creature PVP
Pocket Creature has become a world of chaos...
Sandbox + Simulation
Second Wind
A witty blend of Text Adventure, Roguelike, and Sweet Simplicity
bit Dungeon
You and your wife were captured by demons!
Farm and Grow
Build a farm and help your family prosper...
Reaching Finality
The story of a man and a spirit...
A Survival Horror/Psychological Game
Stable Boy
Your village is sacked...
Roads of Rome 3
Barbarians are destroying Roman provinces...
Super Adventure Pals
A loveable action RPG platformer
Blackwood Prologue
Explore the dreams of a young boy
Clear the king's multi-level dungeon...
A small boy is born from the wind...
It Takes A Village: Summer of Bandits
Explore, build an army, research...
The Sagittarian 4: Berger
The story trees have become quite large...
Sands of the Coliseum
Battle your way to the top of the Coliseum!
Being One - Episode 5
You escaped the orbital space station...
Monsters' Den Chronicles
The next evolution of the dungeon-crawling RPG...
Relive Your Life
Start off as a sperm cell... 29 different endings!
Boom Town
Join the Gold Rush and get rich!
Live a life of a pirate!
Dash'n Knights
Follow Dash adventure...
Straight Bullyism
A turn-based, character-building RPG
Utopian Mining
Mine around as a mining robot, earn money...
Harvest Time
Manage the day-to-day operations of a busy farm
Ragnarok Eternal
A tale of burrito, grinding, cash shops, and griefers...
The concepts of Love and Death
Zoo Island
Help Lew the blue lion rescue his animal friends!
Cellar Door
Check out Cellar Door...
Dragon Age Journeys
The Deep Roads still teem with darkspawn...
The Adventures of Zomboy
You wake up smelling like a corpse...
HardCore Complex Classic RogueLike RPG
War of the Web
Build up cities, construct space-ships...
Anaksha Mini Adventures 2
Anaksha finally arrives but...
A Big RPG Game
The Love Letter
Read the love letter without getting caught!
Super Samurai Sweeper
Restore peace to the land!
Zombies, Inc.
You are the CEO of a company that develops zombies...
Mission in Space
Deliver a colony in this turn based tactical game !
Scarlet Stranger
Fight through randomly generated Dungeon to rescue the princess!
Sol: Clockwork- Part 1
A new adventure begins with nuanced combat...
Cardinal Quest
Choose your champion and begin your quest...
Theme Hotel
Construct and develop your hotel...
DigiWoog Disaster
Help Jet Woog investigate a mysterious UFO crash
Castle Spa
The beautiful Castle Hotel's want to expand...
Creatures Fight
Free game of fighting creatures with gifts to win!
Legend of the Void
Battle your way through Calderia...
Arcuz 2
Sequel of the most quality RPG!
Cursed Dungeon
A demon curse you, find the cure...
Rebuild 2
Reclaim a city from the zombie hordes...
Monster Arena
Train your monster, fight againts other's monster
Aurora 2
Follow the story of aurora and misery...
Guild Dungeons
Build a city, train your men, send them into dungeons to die
Crystal Story
A turn based RPG with a random dungeon generator
Murloc RPG 2: Episode 1
Murk in this World of Warcraft inspired RPG!
Vulpin Adventure
Get a pet called a Vulpin and fight monsters...
Clock Island
Your favorite Clock characters are in trouble!
Murloc RPG: SF
The Stranglethorn Fever expansion...
Lynn Love
Who is capable of understanding how valuable Love is?
Wasted Youth, Part 1
A school for slackers, troublemakers and idiots
Shop Empire
Build the biggest shopping malls around the world!
FiM: Story of the Blanks
My little pony: Friendship is Magic adventure game
Hands of War 2 Expansion
The Heartstone is missing, choose your side!
Battle for Wayland Keep
Defend Wayland Keep against the Therion Empire
Castaway 2
Adventure & train pets...
A Knight's Quest
A wild journey to find milk in this oldschool RPG
Magi: The Fallen World
Search quests, explore dungeons, fight powerful monsters!
Aetheron RPG
An free to play collectable card role playing game
Magic Miner
Pixel-art RPG!
Bed and Breakfast 2
Be the boss of your own bed and breakfast hotel!
DarkBase: Alien RTS
DarkBase marines started the war!
Fantasy XFII
A humorous rpg/platformer hybrid from Final Fantasy
Pestilence Z
A zombie survival turn-based RPG...
Legend of the Gold Robot
Take on the role of artefact hunter!
Create a kingdom, raise your own army!
Donut Empire
Run your donut business, upgrade you store...
Rebuild a city devestated by the zombie apocalypse...
A Mother in Festerwood
A child's task is mostly to play and to explore...
High Tea
You buy and sell opium to buy tea for Britain
Spitfire: 1940
Organise your men, build planes, check intelligence reports...
Hack Slash Crawl
Enter the dungeons to find your fortune!
Dungeon Dice
Battle your way through the dungeon with your enchanted dice!
A classic adventure game featuring trolls, mighty knights...
A game about a long-distance relationship
Arkandian Crusade
Make your place in the history of Arkandia
Street Fighter LoA 1/3
Martial Arts oriented RPG with characters and storyline...
The Guardian Chapter 2
A foul demon has overtaken the island of Reverie...
Johnny in an art game?
Johnny why are you in an art game?
Balloon Town
Manage population of balloons!
Closed In Addendum
Find out for yourself...
Metropolis Isle has been invaded by radioactive mutant bugs!
Madness Retaliation
A Turn-based strategy combat game...
Recordshop Tycoon
The path to unlimited wealth and happiness is here...
Epic Battle Fantasy 3
Travel a vast world, collect equips, learn powerful skills...
Help Village Arcuz and train yourself to a real hero!
The Room Tribute
It's a riot!
Royal Envoy
Become the chief city planner of marvelous Islandshire
Faction Wars
Find the broken pieces of the Heartstone in this Classic RPG
Escape from the 100 levels dungeon...
Hunt down and slay the powerful Admiral Horn...
Youda Safari
It's a big-game game!
My Island [RPG]
Your goal is to - live the life!
Control armies in re-enactments of the key battles of 1066
Wayfinder: Episode One
Land on an alien world and survey an uncovered ruin
Heaven or Hell RTS
Fight Mr. Demon!
Summon and control the undead forces, conquer the world!
Class 3 Outbreak
An RTS zombie game running on Google Maps!
Thanks Tanks!
Design and build an army of tanks to defeat the enemy!
Evolve your microorganisms and battle for petri dish...
Pogoleg Pirates
Train your pirate in bar, buy items in black market...
Panda's Bigger Adventure
Pandas finally back in the second part of his bigger adventure!
A top-down turn-based aerial dogfighter!
Season of War
Choose your army of good or evil and wage war...
Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2
Choose you own adventure in a Zombie Apocalypse!
Kingdoms at War : Conquest!
Enter a world of castles, armies and magic and...
ShellCore Command: Ep1
Build a massive retro battleship and command your fleet...
Valthirian Arc
Be the Principal of heroic Academy!
Intense Real-Time-Strategy, competitive online multiplayer
Magic Pink Man 2
Save Mystic Pink Girl from the Magic Magician!
Help Santa make toys and dolls in this sim game!
Civilizations Wars
A fast thinking RTS/RPG game, to victory!
Gone to the dogs
The ultimate dog racing simulation
Dutamasa Battle
Unleash your force and magic and...
Kingdoms: Nobility
A highly immersive online city builder strategy game!
World of Pain RPG: C3
Rpg game with tons of upgrades and fixes and...
An Action Role Play Game like Zelda or Diablo...
Seven's Second Adventure
Find John Van Deusen's Lost Pick!
You buy airplanes, choose routes and amenities...
A story-driven RPG, turn-based strategic combat
Dragon Boy
Raise a fierce dragon in this action RPG
Battalion: Ghosts
Take control of the Akadian forces in a campaign...
The Last Village
Survive 75 days and save the last indian village!
Imperium II
Build and balance your empire
Deeds of War RPG
Find the Heartstone in this Classic RPG
Gretel and Hansel
Help Gretel make it to the woods alive!
GraveShift 2: The Sewers
The adventures of Arimose the Brave continue!
LoP Trilogy Part 3.1
Pliskin's final humorous point 'n click adventure
Memoir: Text based adventure
A game of life made by someone with no life
Back to the Cubeture 1
An adventure through time and space!
A sprawling Oregon Trail style RPG/Trading game
Building wind farms to create clean energy!
Windows Doors
Life without Windows
Dead Frontier: Outbreak
A fully voice acted Zombie Survival adventure!
Zombie Farm
You decide to unleash your zombie hoard across all countries...
My Pet Protector
Develop your nobody teenager into a hero
Pandemic: American Swine
Monstrous Swine Flu pandemic in the year 2010
Another Small Favor
The alien assassin journeys to find a new identity
Fupa Raiders
A real time strategy game, build your sky castles!
Turn Based Battle
James the Elf has the first Random Encounter!
Epic Battle Fantasy 2
Battle through waves of enemies... again!
Finding my Heart
Make it up with your girlfriend!
Railway Valley
You are a Railroad Manager!
The Awakening RPG Demo
This is the beginnings of a new rpg adventure!
Warfare 1944
Across the battlefields of Normandy!
Shopping City
Earn money by building and operating the network of shops
The Space Game: Missions
The sequel to The Space Game!
Covert Front 3
Night in Zurich. The adventure of undercover agent...
In those days man will seek death...
Bunni: How we first met
Find love and adventure on the magical Island!
These layoffs are permanent!
Virtual Farm
Old MacDonald had a farm
How to Raise a Dragon
The dragon: a majestic and complex beast. How is it born?
Journeys of Reemus: Chp 3
Discover the origin of the mysterious Death Slug plague!
Cyber Recession Warrior - Edgar
Diablo-style loot system and an AP driven strategic-combat system...
pandas BIG adventure
On a secret mission Panda discovers a time traveling toilet
Little Wheel
Help Little Wheel to save his world!
Youda Marina
Create the Marina of your dreams!
Super PSTW Action RPG
Embark on a thrilling realtime Action-RPG!
Battalion: Skirmish
Take control of the epic Warmachine!
A casual dungeon crawl type of game!
Ultimate Tactics
RPG from the makers of the Ultimate Defense series...
A Small Favor
Eliminate a prominent Senator!
Lemonade World
Control a whole Lemonade World
Epic Battle Fantasy
Battle your way through waves of enemies
EGO City
Meet interesting people. Play critically-acclaimed games!
Hero's Arms
Defeat the evil Gordzak in this Zelda-like adventure game!
Sonny 2
Play as a Zombie in this second chapter of the Sonny RPG series!
Megaman X: RPG Chapter 0
If you love Megaman AND RPG's...
Deliver That Fulp
Relive the magic, arrived on Earth
Nevermore 3
Platform adventuring is back!
Foreign Creature
A blood-thirsty foreign creature leaving a trail of blood and horror.
Zelda: Links Backyard
Link got lost in his backyard! Help him!
Gauntlet of Daronia
Fight and take the ultimate prize!
Chaos of Mana
Create a warrior and fight and become the champion!
Neverending Light
Everyone is eaten by monsters!
Farm Frenzy 2
The all-new sequel will keep you busy!
Geoffrey's Quest
Something unplanned happens...
Tycoon Jones
Live your life, get a job, education, become a tycoon!
Chrome Wars
Upgrade your robot, defeat your enemies!
Play as a golem who joins the Stone Guard to defend his country!
Phantom Mansion 2: North Sea
Hector continues his quest for treasure in icy caves!
Journeys of Reemus 2
Expect more animation and bigger puzzles!
Hands of War
A huge RPG game!
Brute Wars 2
Assemble your team of animals, raise levels, find powerful items!
StarBaron - Campaigns
Realtime Strategy - Conquer the Galaxy!
Battle with powerful cards. Power up, or draw more?
Die in Style
Use knives, swords, pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns...
Phantom Mansion II: The Black Sea
Help Hector find the lost treasure!
Delicious, profitable, stinky oil! Drill, Baby, Drill!
Feudalism 2
Recruit soldiers, conquer cities, become the greatest general!
Kings Island
Hack, slash, and explore your way through King's Island!
War Machines
Get your killing bot through the arenas!
Orchestrated Death
Kill some people in this point and click game!
Talesworth Arena
Fight your way through 10 levels of foul creatures!
Swords and Sandals 3
Customize your gladiator and fight to fame and fortune!
Desolation 2
Survive this intense and amazing horror, suspense game!
Conquer all areas in the Dogland Island!
Master of The Secret Sea
Define yourself as pirates, trader or explorer in the Secreat Sea
Brotherhood of Battle
Battle the world in this epic online game!
Battalion: Nemesis
A military themed turn-based strategy game inspired by Advance War
Nice point and click puzzle to be solved
Play sango online!
Times are getting dark with the current king and many others...
A point and click adventure set in an ancient tomb
A journey from Spain to find a new way to India!
In charge of daily operations for a pizza restaurant
An amazing horror, suspense, adventure, shooting style journey!
Dominate the Galaxy!
A platform adventure game, help Dave out!
A wild west themed game with adventure and poker gameplay combined!
Infect and KILL 6.3 Billion people once again.
The final chapter in the LethalRpgUniverse series
Build a squad and command them to victory!
Thing will soon change, no time to watch TV!
A colorful point and click adventure!
Fight the empire to put justice to the evil king!
It's a masterpiece of mystery!
It is more an animation series than a real game!
Equip your hero and fight against bloodthirsty hordes
Meet all your anime and arcade heroes in this RPG fighting game!
RPG nerds can prove their tactical skills in this strategy battle game!
Manage your lenmonade stand! Earn the money!
A true fantasy role-playing game!
Fight the demons off to protect the villagers!
Pico journeys to save King Tom from the evil Flashes
Serve in the sushi bar!
A little flash game to compose punk music and watch a little punk band play it!
Custimize your squad and then command them using various tactics
Look, Learn, and enjoy over 1500 pages of tutorial goodness.
Penny The Penguin needs money to get back home
Buy Low Sell High!
Reform him, get him healthy before he faces the electric chair!
A fan game based on the infamous Mario video game series!
A new advergame featuring four exciting mini-games
Expand the Mongol empire and conquer the world.
Beware of the Jester in the dungeon depths!
A spaceship RTS like Starcraft.
Upgrade your submarine and hunt for treasure!!
Survive as you move about from towns.
Supernatural point-n-click based on a true story from The Mars Volta.
Discover your origin in this Flash crossover RPG!
The Erotic Adventures of Boo Boo Web
An elaborate adventure/RPG with tons of enemies, weapons, and areas to explore.
An amusing mix of action, logic and adventure game.
Find your way home!
Find the seven artifacts and return them to the Librarian.
Will you waltz through these puzzles?
Become the ultimate Coffee Shop owner!
Let the wind bring Black Sails
Play a masterpiece in the art of puzzling!
Escape from the terrible Yellow Tower!
More horrifying puzzles await!
Dare you enter the Phantom Mansion?
A turn based fighting game!
Fight zombies, Giants and Gods with spells and might, through this epic game!
It's X-Mas time all around BTC and Kla stops by Bob.
A hack-n-slash through a fantasy medieval Japan. Swords, blood and necromancy!
Crashlanded on a planet!
Sell burgers to the masses!
Fight with robots, clean up the mess in the village and have fun!
Help Anika Greenfield searches to reclaim her beloved friend
The sequel to Telepath RPG Chapter 1
An awesome RPG and strategy game!
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Latest Games
Forbidden Arms
You must slay ninjas!
Dragons Flight
Guide the dragon!
Bad Eggs Online 2
Take on opponents from around the world!
Retro Sidescroller Shooter.
Samurai Rebellion
Lead your fierce samurai forces!
Harmony of Elements
Fire, Wind and Earth elementals
Alien Planet Escape - 3
Here another Trap in Aliens Planet
Dead Zed 2
Defend your position!
Neverending Chevalier
Climb it up all the way
Grumpy Beaks
Hit Button to flap
A community-driven storytelling platform
Flap in a Gap
Squeeze into the tiny gaps!
Imagine dice from given nets!
Death Lab
Take out the guards!
Fufu Vertical
Make every row of fufu same
Roll your Rollasaurus!
Once Upon A Life
A heartwarming adventure
20 Sizes - Visual Test
From smallest to largest
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