Puzzle Games

Imagine dice from given nets!
Fufu Vertical
Make every row of fufu same
Roll your Rollasaurus!
My Little Circuits
The robots lost their Circuits!
Railway Man
Control railway traffic
Find a way to the exit!
Crazy Digger 2
Collect all diamonds!
Tommy Gold
Collect his the coins!
Pointless Dropping
A smooth physics-puzzle game
The Great Bazooki
Throws cards at balloons to pop...
Above Average Guy
A Japanese game show...
Teknosauri.aC Puzzle Game
Reassemble all the posters
Go Green
Land safe on the grass platform
10 is Again
Slide numbers together...
Conduct electricity!
Candy Match
Colorfull match 3 game
A funny puzzle adventure game
Endless Barkhans Solitaire
5 solitaire games in each halt
Tower Breaker 2 Across the Seas
Physics shooting game!
Nerdy Balls
Destroy in this physics puzzle game
Where is 2014?
Find the new year!
Candy Shooter 3
An action-based puzzler
Frost Fysics
Break the Ice!
Bug Breaker
Use your puzzle powers to set bugs free!
Monkey GO Happy - Xmas Time!
Monkey GO Happy!
Numz World
Bounce your way through the world!
Scorpion Blast 3
Classic colorful Marble Popper!
The Viking's Revenge Level Pack
Controlling the forces
Samurai Solitaire
Use your Freecells!
Draw objects to block the attacks
Tiny Explorers
Place arrows to guide the bots!
Crimson Eve
Search around and find clues
Furtive Dao
A enthralling action-puzzle
Monkey GO Happy - Elevators
The mini monkeys lost their toys...
2D World
Using just your imagination!
The Scorpion Box
A short point & click adventure
Remove all the red cubes!
i saw her too, with laser
Desperate to find a cure...
How to Make a Sequel
Make a sequel!
Lakeview Cabin
Enjoy a peaceful weekend...
Colorful Penguins
Cut the ropes and ice blocks!
Theft Punk
A challenging top-down puzzle game!
4 big worlds in this platform puzzle game!
Pirate Monsters
Blast all monsters off the ship
The Last Door - Chapter 2
Free episodic horror game...
Use logic and deduction!
Relaxing hexagonal match 3
Yummy Nuts 2
Collect nuts and to feed the only baby
Cut The Monster
An original cannon physics game with lasers
Socrates Jones: Pro Philo
Change the peoples moods!
Deeper Sleep
Find a way out of this nightmare
The Telekinetic Incident
Figure out a creative ways!
Ragdoll Ahievement 2
Ragdoll achievement is back!
Kingdom of Liars 3
Solving this new threat!
Pull the Wire
Defuse the bombs!
Monkey GO Happy MARATHON 4
The funniest and craziest Monkey GO Happy games!
Live Puzzle 2
Connect all moving pieces together!
Revive The Monster
Physical puzzle about a funny Monster
Push blocks to make your stand!
Tom&Jim Escape
Two friends were trapped...
Ball Rolling 2
You can draw anything!
Need Water
Dig through the ground...
Water Jug Puzzle
Can you get an exact amount of water?
Number Growth
Grow the number up!
Release the Mooks 3
More Mook stacking and balancing!
Wish Totems Level Pack
The cute totems return!
Ninja vs Aliens
A Ninja in a very strange place...
Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power
Mix of hidden object and solitaire!
Man's Best Friend
Be Man's best friend
Perfect 10
Find two number added to be 10
Vampire Academy
Graduate from vampire academy
Goggleyes 2
Group bubbles to get more points...
GO Virus
Cover the entire playing field!
Bubble Shooter Level Pack
Best features of a bubble shooter game
Icarus Needs
Icarus has fallen asleep playing videogames...
A Duck Has An Adventure
Discover all the possible lives!
Protect Tommy
Place objects around Tommy...
What's unnecessary
Your objective is to move things in the box
Swap It Et 3
Change the gears...
Cannon Basketball 2
Classic cannon play with competetive puzzles
Complete the Circuit
Redirect electricity to complete the circuit...
Pirate's Fortune
Purchase and command pirate ships...
A Second Chance
All engines go!
Daymare Cat
Out of this nightmarish town...
About movement and death...
Get the weight
Weigh the different items...
Ninja Miner
Ninja have never been... mining!
Mushbits 2
Help the bunnies on their never ending quest!
Annihilate all 15 levels
Northern Tale
A beautiful legend filled with magic...
Beaver Blocks Level Pack
Remove wooden blocks to help beavers!
Increase or decrease a surround figures!
Red'n'Green 2
Mr.Red and Mr.Green are so hungry!
Monster Must Die Level Pack
Monster must die!
Bubble Shooter Maja
Full free and multi-featured bubble shooter
Cheese Hunt
Deliver a piece of cheese in the hole
Wood Crash
Destroy bricks connected
Solve the game of magnets!
Back2Back Commander
Defeat your enemies and collect their powers
Unfreeze me 2
Unfreeze all the cuties!
Pico's School DX
Save the day and free the school
Banana Breakers
Words are hidden for you to find
Enter an underwater puzzling world
Match 3 Eggs to create Hen...
Сyclop Physics Level Pack
Change the shape!
Push Me
Push, move, solve!
Match & Remove Level Pack
Remove colored figures...
Doctor Acorn
Solve the puzzle in order to move on
Live Puzzle
Elements form moving!
Eyes Blaster
Remove all eye blocks to solve the puzzle
Hide Caesar Level Pack
Protect the caesar coin...
Hit the Troll Level Pack
Remove all troll faces from the screen
Gemollection Level Pack
Collect jewels into chests
Galactic Ship Repair Ltd
The best space ship navigator...
Snail Shell
Match 4 or more!
Dino Eat Meat
Help cut the rope and delivery the meat...
How good are you in Math?
Rox Rock Ball
Destroy all the rock balls by collision
Match groups of 3 or more nearby jewels...
Pop'em Up
The little monsters are hungry...
Mexican Train Dominoes Gold
Play this popular dominoes game
Layer Maze 4
The fourth part of brain breaking 3D puzzle!
Slice the Box
Have fun cutting shapes
Yummy Panda
Change landscape, pull tails and tentacles
Physical puzzle about a funny Monster...
Wizard's Lair
A classic match-3 game like Bejeweled
Jump Sequence
Make the correct jump sequence
Underwater ClayMatch
Collect identical animals in groups...
Marble Catcher: Deep Sea Creatures
Match the Blobs by group of 3...
Red Menace Players Pack
Move the red one to the yellow plank...
Realm Of Color Elves
A fun match 3 game...
Match & Remove Players Pack
Remove color with limited clicks
Classic Hashi Light Vol 1
Connect all islands according to the number of bridges
Beaver Blocks
Remove wooden blocks to help...
Stack all the pieces into a single stack!
Connect all identical gems!
City Under Siege
Calculate the answers!
Slide and rotate each puzzle piece...
Love Road
Chan and Zin are lovers...
Match Cubes
Align as much similar items...
Crazy Digger
Collect all diamonds to complete level
Shine Wars 2
Help the sun change night to day...
Legor 4
Popular puzzle game Legor is back!
Gears & Chains: Spin It
Connect chains to get moving
Farm Girl
Help the Farm girl reach her Barn
Quanshui Masters
Match 3 from left and right!
Change the positions of figures to connect...
Wipe Out the Balls
Destroying all the balls in the game!
Color Zapper
Shoot colorful lasers towards enemies
Doodle Roll
Twist and turn the platforms...
Folds -- Origami Game
Click and drag to fold the paper
Elf Story
Point-n-click adventure that's heavy in art...
Wake Up the Box 5
Draw shapes on the play-field!
Help a lost boy find his mommy...
Mayan Gold
Together with the extra number they add up to nine
Layer Maze 3
3D Maze of a 15x15x15 cube!
Caesar's Day Off
Caesar has some free time...
Spaceman vs Monsters
Help a brave space crew!
Blinkz 2
Reunite the cute colored blocks...
3 Rabbits' Puzzle 2
Complete the mosaic and solve the equations
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