Escape Game

Alien Planet Escape - 3
Here another Trap in Aliens Planet
Caravan Escape
You are been locked up...
Samsara Room
The most bizarre room escape game!
Killer Escape 2
Can you escape again?
Don't Escape
Prevent myself from escaping...
BackDoor- Door 1
Solving puzzles to escape...
Killer Escape
You have to escape!
Deep Sleep
You are stuck inside a nightmare dream...
Submachine 8: the Plan
You can't really escape it...
Chinese Room Escape
Again You are locked you up in the Chinese room...
Escape Brownstone
Search around and figure out how to escape!
The Outsider
The memories of childhood bring only fear and sadness
Riddle Transfer
The beginning of a grand escape
Kazahana: No Exit 2
Help Leo escape the Classroom...
Escape from ice mountain
The sun people is enslaved by the evil Ice Lord...
Arrival In Hell
A revamp of the 2006 hit game. Can you get out?
AN Escape Series #5
Can you escape hypothermia?
SSSG - Beach Escape
Help Sneaky escape the beach house!
Escaping the Prison
Help him escape from prison!
Riddle School 5
Prepare yourself... for the Grand Finale
Riddle School 4
Phil plans a fourth school escape...
DayMare Town 3
Can you escape the nightmare of a day?
Alice is Dead - Ep 2
Things aren't getting any easier for rabbit...
You don't believe everything you see...
You were captured in the woods. Escape!
Being One - Episode 4
Escape this dreaded place!
Alice is Dead - Ep 1
Welcome to Wonderland. Alice is Dead.
Being One - Episode 3
Escape, find out more about what you are!
Being One - Episode 2
Escape from the next level and find out why...
Point and Click Adventure
Help the guy escape from his own home!
Being One
You are suspended in a Vat in a Science Lab, Escape!
AN Escape Series #4
You saw the video, this time it's for real!
The Scene Of the Crime
Search the crime scene!
Escape from a desolate planet!
Escape Pico's School
Have you gotten out of Pico's School?
Reincarnation: ROA
Help the demon send the reincarny Riley back to hell
Tower Core
Explore the puzzles and mysteries of the three towers!
Dreamgate Escape
Try to escape your own nightmare!
Obama Presidential Escape
Play as Obama and try to escape from the terrorist!
Santa's got problems! He needs your help!
Capture evidence of ghosts and escape the house...
Monster Basement 2
The horror point-and-click adventure continues!
Defend yourself from Jason in this long-lost sequel to Escape!
A den is defined as a comfortable and secluded room. This den, is not.
Can you escape the nightmare of a day? ... again?
Puzzle through the point and click adventure game!
A new installment in the Super Sneaky Spy Guy series!
Another photo-realistic RPG game!
The fifth episode of the Submachine series.
Escape for the exam!
Do I have to accept the destiny of the masses?
Use your wits to get out of the subway
Find a way to get out of the hospital
The first pilot episode of the terrifying series
Please help the poor lonely girl to escape the room.
Escape in the New Year?
Japanese Escape the Room.
A 2.5D Escape the Room game!
A 2.5D Escape the Room game! And the Part 2!
Escape... with Lemon drink?
Icescape is a point and click adventure with a horror/sci fi theme.
Escape! Escape! Escape!
Escape... and feed the monster!


Lucky said...

This is one of the best selection of escape games I've seen! Lots of games and they are high quality too. Good Job!

reverse phone said...

Nice man, thanks for hooking us up!

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