Skill Games

Dragons Flight
Guide the dragon!
Bad Eggs Online 2
Take on opponents from around the world!
Harmony of Elements
Fire, Wind and Earth elementals
Neverending Chevalier
Climb it up all the way
Grumpy Beaks
Hit Button to flap
Flap in a Gap
Squeeze into the tiny gaps!
Death Lab
Take out the guards!
Once Upon A Life
A heartwarming adventure
20 Sizes - Visual Test
From smallest to largest
Labyrinth: SoS
Enter the randomly-generated castle labyrinths
Tidy Bubble
An action packed chain reaction game
Acid Bunny 2
Acid Bunny is back!
Lizard enemies are invading...
Sanity Drop
Bounce off platforms...
A wrecking ball to block ninja stars
Loot Hero
Slay the beast to restore peace!
Controlling the aqua-rocke
Catchy Orbit
Space themed chain reaction game
Game about defying gravity
Santa Smasher
Christmas-themed whack-a-mole!
Drive and Drift
Thrilling auto track racing
Devil's Leap 2
Destroy everything and everyone!
Monster Eats Food
Two cute monsters charging...
Blade Rush
Atomic Escape
Control the mining laser of a robot
Grand Truckismo
Crazy world of monster truck racing!
Pause Ahead
Conquer the treacherous traps
Guide your wheel!
Tiny Dangerous Dungeons
Explore a huge dungeon...
Dino Run : Enter Planet D
Can you find paradise on Planet D?
Skalaan means scale for object
Dungeon Drop
Jump, Run, Dodge, Bounce, Kill...
Adventure into uncharted planet...
Asslevania: SOTB
Dracula's castle has once again appeared...
Doodle Chicks
Avoid angry chicks!
Chainsaw Slasher
One hero, one chainsaw and thousands of zombies!
Maze Evolution 2
A Maze Evolution puzzle game
Dig your way to the center of the earth!
10 More Bullets
Shoot to trigger massive chain reaction
3LIND game
Psychological puzzle game!
Zombie Goes Up
Help Zombies to reach the surface!
Age of Wonder
Educate the peasants!
Final Charge
Clean post-apocalyptic earth from radiation!
Enough Plumbers 2
A puzzle platformer about clones cloning clones
Throw the grenades and catch the ghosts!
Doctor Acorn Levelpack
Help the doctor get back home!
Barons Gate
A fantastical loot-playing game
Fishing Day
Festival "Fishing Day" is the famous event...
Ninja Land
Our hero and his lovely princess, but...
Awesome Pirates
Upgrade your fort!
No man can use energy without proving his worth
An exploration puzzle platformer!
Clockwork Cat
A cat, a wrench and a clock
Super Furio
Similiar to the Super Mario Bros...
Handless Millionaire 2
Grab the money before the guillotine
Into the depths of the labyrinth
Fold your environment...
Light Quest
Harness the magical power of light
Space Dexterity 2
Help deliver supplies back to Earth...
Human Chop
You are just a meat chop...
Warm Up Tower
Climb the tower!
Balloons Vs Zombies 2
A fun physics-based shooting game
Let's Go Jaywalking
Let's go jaywalking!
Worlds hardest game
Obstacles and dangerous waiting for you
The Gentleman
Take your umbrella, put your top hat...
In this cute one button game...
The Lonely King
Help King find the legendary horn!
Zombie Crypt 2
Control 2 characters as you venture
3LIND game
Philosophical puzzle game
Ripple Dot Zero
A classic action platformer
... :D
Use your hand(s) and brain(s)...
Square Arena
Join the global battle!
Night Lights
Platformer with lights & shadows
My Undead Neighbors 3
Collect all the treasures!
Awesome Wrap Around controls!
Space Croissant
Now you have to kill the aliens...
Just throw bouncy balls...
Bottle On Head Level Pack
Continue the shooting adventure!
Fear Less!
Nightmares of being chased...
Pretentious Game 2
It's time to move on...
Samurai Fruits
Cutting fruits using your katana!
Lost Fluid
Crash land on a lonely planet!
Moon Waltz
The clouds reveal the full moon...
Persist is a tale of a small spirit...
Fast Buggy
Drive 7000 meters distance!
Haste Makes Waste
Mr.Turtle is late!
Sugar Island
The Ants come to the Viking island...
Desert Monster 2
Ride your desert monster!
Build & Destroy Live
Challenge your friends live!
Not Minimalist
Solve the puzzles and get the world back...
Feed the Animals
Use your cannon to feed cute animals
A psychedelic warrior, a tireless researcher...
Knight Vs Giant
You Play as a White Knight...
Stonelegs 2
You must jump to move!
Bomber Clash
Place bomb and kill all enemies
Go for a chain reaction
Scary Cannon
Pull the cannon nobe to the fire
Parking Hooligan 2
Do not leave a single tree standing...
Jump Over Danger
Keep jumping and don't stop jumping! Jump!
Eggs Rescue
A new Mini-Golf game
Fear Less!
Nightmares of being chased by death
Hitman for Hire
Test your skills as a professional hitman
Max Damage 3
Shoot your way through 50+ levels of physics-puzzle
You are a musquito...
Canoniac Launcher 2
Launch as far as you can
Twister Roundup
Round up the animals!
Fire Ladybug
Two alien ladybugs drive spaceship...
Electro String
Guide the electo-string using mouse
Cubikill 6
Rick has had enough!
Troll Cannon 2
Fire your insane Troll Cannon...
Parking Hooligan 2
Use your car to hit everything!
Fanged Fun Players Pack
Change shape of colored fanged figures...
Enjoy the ultimate bomberman game
Collect squares, avoid bullets and survive!
One Way Dungeon
You can't stop!
Rolling Fall 3
Kill all damn zombies!
Launching zombie's head!
Super Bomb Bugs
Collect up all his treasure and artifacts...
Push the button and get the key...
Pirates Musketeers
To become the king of pirate...
Cat God vs Sun King 2
Destroy the Sun King and his Tower!
Flip gravity, bounce on trampolines, explore with teleporters
Air Taxi: Japan
Taxi driver works on his strange helicopter
Snake Fight Arena
Start eating your enemies
Asteroid Storm
An avoider game in space
Hopy Go Go
Help Hopy become the kind again!
I Can Fly
Launch the angry pig into the air!
Throw burger very far!
Curve Fever 2
You control a Curve...
Racing Toys
ace toy cars around a desk, bathroom...
Clear Europe from the invasion of monster...
Skully's Quest
Help Skully to recover his skulls
Segway of the Dead
You have to survive the zombie apocalypse...
Gangster vs Zombie II
Each wave must be destroyed!
Mahee Bubbles
Game with coloured marbles
Help TIO to complete all levels!
Mad Skeletons
Help Frankenstein to pack Skeletons into coffins
The world’s last Sentient Technological Artificial Neohuman...
Action platformer in a post-apocalyptic world...
Home Sheep Home
Work together to get home safely
Splitman 2
Split up so you can finish each level
Rocket Retro
Go to Mars with your upgradable rocket
Cheese Collector
Collect all the cheese...
A creature comes across a small town...
Desktop Racing 2
Race on your office desk!
Cyclomaniacs Epic
Cyclomaniacs are back!
Decay of Men
The world has now become a perilous place...
Give Up
Failure is inevitable, so why delay?
Solve the maze with your ship!
Pigsy Dream
Fly as far as you can with Pigsy!
Grab a skateboard and challenge yourself!
Curse Run
Collect all the emeralds to open the gate!
Jungel Rush 2
Excellent arcade game!
Splitman 2
Split up so you can finish each level
You are a victim of an experiment...
Dummy Crusher 2
Cause destruction and mayhem...
Jonny Backflip
Do flips to get nitro boost!
Territory War 3
Play online against other users...
Counter Terror
Your job, as part of an elite squad of heroes...
Gerard Scooter game
Gerard is crazy about driving...
Move the mouse to align...
Use the paddle to bounce the ball...
Tommy Slingshot
Tommy Slingshot! Under the magic attacks...
Danger Donuts
Eat them before they takeover the world!
Run! Run as fast as you can!
panda gun shop
Let shop safe and a thriving business
You built a time machine to...
Flying Kiwi
Help kiwi to travel 5000 m...
Color Tanks
Tanks. Shooting colors...
Obduction XP
Escape trough their evil experiments
You defy death, define life, and jump...
Air Battle 2
Guide your armed balloon...
Dig Deeper
Remove blocks to help the character go deeper
Bobble Shooter
Aim and shoot!
Roar Rampage
A crazy ride of epic proportions
Abyss Splash Cannon
Combine the same color beads...
Jelly Hop
Pay attention to where you step!
Alien Infection
Aliens choose new way to capture the Earth...
400 Years
You only have 400 years...
Deeper in the ocean
Explore the seabed and find the pumps oxygen...
Sift Renegade 3 Defiance
This action platformer revisited Kiro's past...
Cathode Raybots
Our old TVs have returned from being scuttled...
Paradoxical Elements
Find the way to extinguish the fire
Psychic Arrow
You uncover a disturbing image of the future...
Ninja Noku
You will need let ninja know...
Shoot to rescue the slaves!
noitcelfeR 2
Use reflections to jump across obstacles...
King's Game 2
Launch magic cannonballs!
Burger Restaurant 3
Build your own Burger Restaurants!
bombman - rabbit
Lovely rabbit becomes a super bomb man!
Jumping and rolling in this platformer!
Abduction XP
The aliens kidnapped you!
Stuck Bird 2
Help Shuchi find his way out...
Deadly Venom - SA
Our silent assassin is now exploring deeper...
Rhythm Doctor
A tough ONE-BUTTON rhythm game
Demologic 2: Level Pack
Drive your truck and demolish the building
Making science out of you...
A Life
Avoid the obstacles...
Go for a chain reaction!
Wilt: Last Blossom
You are one of few survivors in a world destroyed...
Mega Bolder Rampage
Avoid the falling hazards...
Lost Space
Buy upgrades, improve your ship...
Lead a squad of little penguins!
A musical platform puzzle game
Georganism 3
Explore and decorate ancient totems
The Pink Hog
Color the world and collect all coins!
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Dragons Flight
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Bad Eggs Online 2
Take on opponents from around the world!
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Lead your fierce samurai forces!
Harmony of Elements
Fire, Wind and Earth elementals
Alien Planet Escape - 3
Here another Trap in Aliens Planet
Dead Zed 2
Defend your position!
Neverending Chevalier
Climb it up all the way
Grumpy Beaks
Hit Button to flap
A community-driven storytelling platform
Flap in a Gap
Squeeze into the tiny gaps!
Imagine dice from given nets!
Death Lab
Take out the guards!
Fufu Vertical
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Once Upon A Life
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20 Sizes - Visual Test
From smallest to largest
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