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Level 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100 | 101-120 | 121-140 | 141-160

Level 41

Wait for a long time, be patient, it leads you to the light side of the force ^^ Click the red button when it appears

Level 42

Password: 76330

Level 43

Drag the end of the text to upper-left corner, find the invisible button on the screen (the mouse pointer will change), drag the invisible button upwards, you will get the exit

Level 44

Click the squares in the following order: light yellow, light green, light blue, brown, dark yellow, dark blue, dark green, red

Level 45

Click the button according to the order of the color of the letters of "Level 45"

Level 46

Input "super impossible!!!!", and then type "OMFG"

Level 47

Move away the rectangle (be patient, you need to move a LOT of them)

Level 48

Drag the screen from right to left, when the black line pass through the exit button, click on the button

Level 49

Drag the cross up, click the rectangle. Drag the cross down, click the rectangle. Drag the cross left, click the rectangle. Drag the cross right, click the rectangle. Drag the screen in 4 directions, click the rectangles. Drag the cross to bottom left, click EXIT

Level 50

Drag the green frame downwards, you will find a red frame inside the green one, move the two frames on the "x", you will find the exit

Level 51

Type the letters (words) that shown on the screen (When you type a letter, the next letter will be found)

Level 52

Click on the second square counting from the left and second counter from the bottom

Level 53

Click the triangle of 1, the wheel will turn. When you find another triangle at the hole, click the triangle of 2. When you find another triangle at the hole again, click the triangle of 3. When you find the last triangle at the hole, click the triangle of 4. At the hole, you will find the exit button, click on it

Level 54

Password: pants

Level 55

Type "1", "2", "3", "4", the password is "10"

Level 56

Just click the buttons (ignore the description ^^)

Level 57

Click the squares one by one in clockwise direction
Password: enter

Level 58

Use Tab and Enter Key to hit all the stars

Level 59

Password: leaf

Level 60

Click on the screen with patient.
Password: week

Level 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100 | 101-120 | 121-140 | 141-160


Vonda E said...

Hi! You forgot level 51 and that's the one I'm stuck on. Thanks for any help

Anonymous said...

45 please?

Anonymous said...

lvl 58??

Anonymous said...

lvl 56?


Anonymous said...

lvl 56 = :roflol:


Grtzz T.T.

Anonymous said...

I need level 53!

Anonymous said...


Brendan said...

50 wont drag.......

Linda said...

lvl 64 don't have the right password.

Anonymous said...

i cant get through lvl 53 i cant find the last hole and i keep on finding a brown triangle in the hole. please help!!!

Anonymous said...


mychemicalromance24 said...

the reason that you cant get those particular levels is because, the levels before that contain more than one level, so it skips more than one level if you can do basically you have to complete the level before the one you want to get and you will pass numerous levels. My pleasure helping you, god bless you all! have fun!

mychemicalromance24 said...

Oh and btw, whats the point in playing this game if your just gonna cheat, whats the fun in that? play nicely children and DONT cheat! xxxxxx

mychemicalromance24 said...

Oh and one more thing before i going on holiday in 5 days!!!! woooo, and i'm going to Ireland, its like the best place eva!!!! wish that i have fun ppl.....lush you..wanna fuck you......bye!!!

Anonymous said...

For level 46, any password will do, not just "super impossible

Anonymous said...

level 52?

Anonymous said...

UGH!!! Can someone please tell me how to beat 53?! This game is retarted! But also addicting...

Anonymous said...

i just finished level 57 and the screen says CHEATER! what do i do?

Anonymous said...

wow i did 57 to and it says CHEATER! help please

Anonymous said...

wtf lvl 43 is gay

Anonymous said...

Level 57's password is "Enter". I guess it changed when the game was updated.

shagchick09 said...

if theres any guys here i wanna no. stick ur sausage in my bun and together we'll make a perfect hot dog... I.E. shag me if ur from 18 to 60.

Anonymous said...

on level 43 i cant drop the text in the coner it keep folow my poniter so how can i do it helpppp !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

level 57 says i'm a cheater bc i did what you people said to do.
is this apart of the this fucking fuck up game fuck u i did it 10 times.

Anonymous said...


WatTeesEmlyn said...

i put rewind in for level 57 but it just said cheater, how do u do it??

Anonymous said...

okay, this game is gay. all of you dorks that are trying to figure it out need to turn your computer off and get your daily amount of vitamin D ;]

Anonymous said...

Can yo please Level 40 better!

Anonymous said...

57 the password is actually enter

angel said...

what do yo have to write on period on level 40

Anonymous said...

I thought the pw to level 57 is enter not rewind? ;0

Anonymous said...

57 pw = return

NOT rewind!

Anonymous said...

How do i do fucking level 53

Anonymous said...

On #57 the password for me was "enter" rather than rewind. :) Hope that helps someone.

Anonymous said...

I can't do level 58!!! I press tab and it just jumps to this link on the page, I can't figure it out

Anonymous said...


captain kirk said...

level 43 any one help ta

Anonymous said...

in level 57, the password is enter, not rewind!!

Anonymous said...

46 is kinda...yelling at

Anonymous said...

i cant do level 58?

Anonymous said...

"enter". YOU NEED TO TYPE IN "enter".


Can't do level 50. someone explain?

Anonymous said...

When I got to 57 the password was "enter" instead of rewind

Anonymous said...

level 57 password isnt rewind: at least not when i played it.
password: enter

NELG Pro said...

Level 51: Type the letters that show on the screen
Level 45: Click the button in the sequence that have color of the letters in the word "Level 45"
Level 53: Click the triangle of 1, then 2, then 3,then 4. Look for the exit!
Level 58: Press the Tab key and then the Enter key repeatedly
Level 57: Password = enter
Level 46: Type "OMFG" 2 times(1st time: in the password bar, 2nd time: on the screen)

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