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Level 101

Right click at the right eye and select "zoom in" in the menu until you see the message, "zoom in" at the left eye again, you will see a small red spot, click on it. Resume to normal size and you will find the password
Password: EyE

Level 102

Type keyboard number key (0-9), re-arrange the cards
Password: BOOTIES

Level 103

Print screen and use photo editor to set the background in black color, you will find a path to the button, follow the path and click the button
Password: your name

Level 104

Click the blue button, zoom into the center of the screen to get the password
Password: ENLARGE

Level 105

The triangle in the middle of the right hand side is movable, drag is out and pull the screen down to get the password
Password: hidden

Level 106

Remove the password characters (*), the letter in the screen matches the letter on your keyboard!
Password: vrf

Level 107

Print screen and paste to an photo editor, you will find the clue of the password. Input the password to the password box (though the password box is very small, you can still input into it :-)
Password: lkjhgfdsa

Level 108

Move the mouse around and you will see that the mouse pointer changes. Drag the pieces to match the hole and you will see the password
Password: (space)
ie. Clear the password box, hit a spacebar, click ok.

Level 109

Move the mouse pointer to the upper-left corner

Level 110

Click "Go" button 20 times

Level 111

Drag the screen around, you will find some black blocks, those blocks are letters of the password in a big size
Password: QUEST

Level 112

Right click, select "Back", and then select "Forward", "Back", "Forward", "Back", "Forward"
Password: menu

Level 113

Go to the start screen of this game (ie. the screen with "LEVEL JUMP"), print this screen and paste at a photo editor, change the background color
Password: BAM

Level 114

Drag the screen around, you will find the password in big letter
Password: your phone #

Level 115

house, ice cream, door, earth, note (ar.. actually i don't know how this level works ^^" anyone knows?)
Password: hidden

Level 116

Drag all the circle downward, you will find the password
Password: Hidden

Level 117

Carefully move the mouse pointer to the center and click. (don't worry about the circle which is moving very fast, you can touch that one)
Password: patience

Level 118

Use Alt-Tab to click the button. Click the button which is the same color of the background. Type the symbol on the screen (each symbol twice, the symbol will be highlighted)
Password: colours!

Level 119

Right click, select "Rewind" at the menu, input "daisy" for the password
Password: daisy

Level 120

Print screen, paste to a photo editor, fill color in the squares, rearrange the letters and you will get a math equation
Password: 2

Level 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100 | 101-120 | 121-140 | 141-160


Anonymous said...

need help on 106 pls

Anonymous said...

Need help on 111 please

Anonymous said...

stuck on 204 please help

Anonymous said...

stuck on 104 please help

Anonymous said...

level 115, just the first letter of the stuff House, Icecream, Door, D, (something that starts with E), Note

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck on Level 108,
I don't get the point

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck on level 114 please help me!!!

Anonymous said...

hi looking for help with 118

ceci* said...

what photo editor should i use to find out the password? coz i used "paint" but it didn't work, all i saw were juz dots

ceci* said...

what photo editor should i use to find out the password? coz i used "paint" but it didn't work, all i saw were juz dots

The Datawolf said...

114 is easy to understand :
Ice cream

Anonymous said...

Need help on level 107

Anonymous said...

whats level 116? =(

please help.

Smokey said...

Need help on 156 please....

Anonymous said...

pw for 113 is BAM

Anonymous said...

104? still stuck?????

Anonymous said...

104's pass is ENLARGE

bodyionita said...

pls...lvl 118...i don't know:((

Alex said...

me neither

Anonymous said...

110= numbers 0-10 do the symbols right answer is BOOTIES

Anonymous said...

For level 15 it is

something starting with 'D'

Get what all the letter start with and tah-dah= hidden

Anonymous said...

the 110 is BOOBIES, not not BOOTIES

Incase B()()BIES

Anonymous said...

For level 115 you get the password using the first letter of each of the pictures:
Ice cream


Anonymous said...

Level 113 was hilarious. I knew that was going to happen, but it was funny. XD

Anonymous said...

Level 113 scared the shit out of me LOL.
BTW there's 30 levels now not 160.

Anonymous said...

The password "(space)" does not work and neither do "space", "SPACE" or "(SPACE)"...

sCieszkos said...

179 - at the beginning you have to "click" on the red square button placed in the left top corner. Then move between gree spirals to the centre and push the button which will shown. The password is the first password:
Password: fire

Somsom Tontom said...

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