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Level 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100 | 101-120 | 121-140 | 141-160

Level 61

Close all the windows and you will find the clue
Password: gnome

Level 62

Drag away the titles (Level 62) until you get the blue rectangle, move the rectangle around and you will find 2^66
Password: 73786976294838206464

Level 63

Identify your mouse cursor, change all the rectangle to grey

Level 64

Password is 1000's "a", you can copy and paste here:

Level 65

Use Tab key and then Enter key repeatedly. ie. Press Tab key, then press Enter key, then press Tab key...

Level 66

Type "Level 66", drag away all white letters, click on the black letters
Password: CHEESUS

Level 67

Do not touch the mines, move the mouse pointer around and you will find some red circles, click on them
Password: N62T4HH@3

Level 68

Move the squares by dragging on them, you will find the clue of the password
Password: thepasswordisallthewordsinthissentenceexceptforthespaces

Level 69

Reorder the letters according to the color: "What is my name in capitals"
Password: CLARENCE

Level 70

Password: random

Level 71

Password: NEUTRAL

Level 72

Click 100 times.
Password: button

Level 73

Press the right key (->) until the screen is covered by green color, click the button.
Input "lemon" and then input "berry"

Level 74

Click the buttons in this sequence "R89NHXXM6BA338" (yellow letters), the password will be found.
Password: I love this game

Level 75

Use the mouse pointer, follow the path, wait until the hair line gone, and then click the square.

Level 76

Move the arrow to the four corners, wait and found the numbers at the opposite side, match the numbers with the color.
Password: 14159265

Level 77

Click "Ready", to move the mouse pointer to the exit, use Alt-Tab to switch the window, use the mouse to the position of exit, use Alt-Tab again to come back to the game window, click the exit button. (or right click the mouse button while moving the mouse pointer)

Level 78

Click according to the color shown. You need to click in right speed. (If the speed is right, the number at the top will be decreased)
Password: LOYAK

Level 79

Click the objects according to the color on the mouse pointer, remember the sequence
Password: 3589793

Level 80

You should find something inside the mouse pointer. Click the green button (inside the mouse pointer), click the "j" (also inside the mouse pointer), you will find the clue (of course, inside the mouse pointer)
Password: password

Level 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100 | 101-120 | 121-140 | 141-160


T-Enterprise said...

Level 64
Password is 1000's "a". ie. "aaa....."

This doesnt work for me - anyone?

Flash Games said...

I updated the walkthrough, it is really 1000's "a", try use copy and paste to create the "a" string ^^

Anonymous said...

level 77: its far more easy just to click and hold the right mouse button while moving over the yellow area :)

Anonymous said...

level 78 someone? pls?

Anonymous said...

can anyone explain level 65 to me, pls?

Anonymous said...

I really need to know how 2 do lvl 65! I'm desparate!!!!

Anonymous said...

Help me someone! I can't figure out level 68!

Anonymous said...

I've done 64 successfully 3 times. Today when I hit GO nothing happens. Anybody have problems with it, today?

Leo said...

Level 80 please

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hi!!!Please help me i'm stuck at level 61 and really don't know what to do!could you please help me???

Anonymous said...

Sorry I accidentally posted this on another level page. I cannot get the instructions posted here for level 77 to work on my Mac. Any suggestions?? help!!!

Stadt said...

Level 64 doesnt work!!!

Anonymous said...

omg cant beat level 64 with 1000 a's :(((( why did you do that.

Anonymous said...

yay got it. but stuck on Level 75

Anonymous said...

level 69?? wtf? I just can't figure it out... help?? :|

Anonymous said...

for some reason level 95 when i type in the password it keeps telling me i'm wrong...i'm definitely spelling it correctly "elimination"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please help me by Level 73

how should i put lemon and berry in?? lemonberry doesnt work

please!!! help me

Anonymous said...

u should first write lemon then u enter after clean the word lemon and write berry then u enter then ur in the next level there u go very easy!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please help me, Level 64.

Can someone say the password easier, 'cause i think i dont understand that, or it just doesnt work!?

Marine said...

Level 99.
I click 'START'. Right-click, I click 'Play', and... nothing. Shouldn't a button appear ?

Anonymous said...

Level 64

IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!! i can't get the copy and paste to work

Ahlstroem said...

How the hell do you manage level 63? Somebody please tell me..?

Ahlstroem said...

Level 64, how am I supposed to know when it is 1000 a's? Can I write more than 1000 a's or do I have to have exactly 1000 of 'em?

Flash Games said...

To Ahlstroem,

As far as i can remember, it is exactly 1000 of them ^^

Anonymous said...

i need help on level 64!!!!!!
can anyone help me?

Piet said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Paradox11111 said...

how do u get past lvl 63 its 2 hard

Kacey said...

i did 68 correctly, but it was not letting move on 2 lv 69
111 theres something wrong there

Kacey said...

ok... you hit enter, not the go button

Paulisss said...

I cant do level 64 !! I tried to copy and paste it but when i pressed Go it didnt work. Do i have to type each letter or I can do copy and paste?? Please :):)

Anonymous said...

I am trying to do level 73 but everytime i type in lemon and berry and press go it doesnt work, i tried it with and without spacing but it just wont work, someone help me please

Russian girl said...

Can you help me with levl 75?

Russian girl said...

Can you help me with levl 75?

STRANGER1325 said...

Stumped on 64 visit here:

Look towards the middle of the page and you will find what you have been searching for.

Anonymous said...

74 doesn't work for can someone pls help??

Anonymous said...

74 DOES NOT WORK... I tried it for about 10 times... PLZ HELP!!!

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